Arden Black

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Arden is an independent audiobook narrator and producer, and an aspiring author when time allows. Samples of her work are available on this site, and her audiobooks are available for sale on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

She has been reading since an early age and telling stories to her children for nearly two decades. In 2018, she was excited to embark on her dream of reading for audiobooks. Arden was born in South Africa, though currently lives in Wisconsin, USA.


Arden Black took on the mighty task of narrating the last two books

 in The Avalon Trilogy, namely, Invasion and Secrets Of The Ice, and brought it to an extraordinary 

life with the brilliance of a maestro conducting a symphony orchestra.

There are a vast number of characters within the stories, however, each and every one of them was

identifiable and individual, as my writing portrayed, by this talented narrator.  From the beginning of

Invasion until the end of Secrets Of The Ice, I was hooked, listening to my words being revealed by the 

superb tones and inflections of Arden Black - magnificent!

I would highly recommend any author or listener to choose Arden for their book; they will be 


Thank you, Arden; it has been an honour to work with you.

-Julie Elizabeth Powell


You're the best at what you do and I couldn't tell my stories without you. 

- Samantha Bayarr


You make the story come to life. You do not simply read the words, but bring those characters off the

 page and fuel the imagination with the way you read them to us! 

- Don C.