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Avalon Trilogy series


Invasion (Avalon Trilogy book 2)

The children are once again called by the Time Keeper of Avalon and find themselves within the Orb of Caprice, this time joined by Daisy, Billy’s unsuspecting grandmother. Together, they must find the Key of Light if all their worlds are to be saved before DarkStar gains control.  

The corrupted land of the Dark Reaches is full of mysterious and forbidding creatures, testing friendships and resolve as they battle through this fragmented world in an effort to complete their quest.  

Faced with these dangers, they have the added worry about what may have happened to Kimeranet, who has disappeared without a trace.  

As the puzzle unravels, not least about Kimeranet’s past, a further mystery develops, as the travellers discover part of the Legend of the Kraal, and meet Kaarvok...but should they trust him? And can they remain united as they struggle through this newly found world?  

Follow this next adventure and see if they can again successfully fight to save their friend and home. 

Released August 2018

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Arden Black (Invasion)

Secrets Of The Ice (Avalon Trilogy book 3)

Secrets of the Ice is the last of the epic journey for Davie, Ben, Chrissie, Billy, Anne, and Daisy. It sees them battle unrelenting odds within the Dominion of Ice, where they must find the 13 pieces of the Mystical Pyramid before Lokian can use it to unleash DarkStar and so bring Elsewhere under its thrall. 

There is something they do not realize, however, something that goes back further than the creation of Avalon, but will the secrets be unravelled in time and be enough to show them what they must do and what sacrifices must be made? 

Delve into the mystery, and find out if they can do it. 

Released December 2018

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Arden Black (Secrets Of The Ice (Avalon Trilogy book 3))

Amish Acres series


Amish Acres (book 2): Tobacco Rows 

Amish Acres - where the romance is sweet, the lemonade is tart, and the secrets are spicy!

Annie Lapp, the community gossip, is determined to get her hooks in Jeremiah, but after a brief encounter with him in the tobacco field, is she wrong about everything?

Everyone makes mistakes during their rumspringa, but Annie is determined to make them all.

This book is a continuation of the first book called Amish Acres: The Celery Patch. It is advisable to listen to it first to learn more about the characters.

Released October 2018

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Arden Black (Amish Acres: Tobacco Rows)

Amish Acres (book 3): The Pumpkin Patch

Sparks fly when Ruthie enters her whoopie pies in the bake-off at the harvest festival and discovers a local bakery-owner has used her recipe to enter the same bake-off.

Released January 2019
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Arden Black (Amish Acres: The Pumpkin Patch)

Amish Homecoming series


Amish Homecoming (book 1): The Proposal

Will Lila Yoder ever be the same after her sister, Hannah, passes away unexpectedly? When the Bishop approaches her only minutes after the funeral, asking her to take her sister's place as wife to Hannah's grieving husband and a mother to her children, Lila panics and runs off.

When the mysterious, handsome stranger she sees while at Hannah's funeral bumps into her in town, her world is turned upside down in ways she could never have imagined, and leaves her wondering; what would Hannah do?

Released May 2019


Amish Homecoming (book 2): The Auction

Can a letter written by a dying woman bring two lonely hearts together? Abby Yoder is jobless, and homeless, and has given up her heritage. When she uses her last few dollars to bid on a cedar trunk she feels drawn to at an auction, the contents turn her world upside down. Noah Lapp, a young widower, has just gotten rid of his wife's belongings at the local auction. What he didn't count on was having her cedar chest come back to him, along with his troublesome past.

Released May 2019
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Arden Black (Amish Homecoming: The Auction)

Amish Homecoming (book 3): The Promise

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Arden Black (Amish Homecoming: The Promise)

The Quilter's Son series


The Quilter's Son (book 1): Liam's Choice


Liam Yoder has one foot in the English world and the other in the Amish community; which one will win his heart?

Liam has been leading a double life since he was a teenager. When his father dies in a buggy accident, he feels torn between the English life he craves and the Amish life in which he was raised.

After a chance meeting with Lucy Graber, the Amish love he'd left behind seven years before, Liam is faced with the biggest decision of his life. Does he return to the Amish community and his family, or will he choose to stay among the English? 

Find out in this bittersweet love story.

Released November 2018

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Arden Black (The Quilter's Son: Liam's Choice)

The Quilter's Son (book 2): Lydia's Choice

Lydia and Steve are happily planning their wedding, until his past threatens to destroy their happy day. Will Lydia be able to forgive Steve for a mistake he made in the past? When someone else's love invades her heart, Lydia must choose between a perfect square or the right fit for her future, because appearances aren't always what they seem.

Released March 2019
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Arden Black (The Quilter's Son: Lydia's Heart)

His Amish Baby series


His Amish Baby book 1

Will Noah risk being shunned to help Miranda, his betrothed, when she finds trouble in the English world? 

Noah made the decision to stay behind when Miranda and Simon went away on their rumspringa. That decision cost him his best friend and his betrothed at the same time, all because he couldn't bring himself to leave his sister after she passed up marriage to take care of him when he was younger. 

A year later, he runs into them, but they have become Englischers. Will Noah be able to accept the changes in Miranda and win her back, or will her circumstances prevent her from returning to the Amish ways without getting Noah shunned?

Released September 2018

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Arden Black (His Amish Baby book 1)

His Amish Baby book 2

Is a marriage of convenience really the answer for Maddie? 

When Maddie is approached by a woman claiming to be engaged to her betrothed and the father of her baby, she is devastated. What she doesn't expect is getting a proposal from another man.

Released September 2018

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Arden Black (His Amish Baby book 2)

His Amish Baby book 3

He called her baby an abomination; now she must live under his roof... Willow desperately desires the closeness of family, but her bitter, Amish father-in-law wants nothing to do with her or his soon-to-be-born grandchild because she is not Amish. 

Will she ever get the family she wants?

Released September 2018

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Arden Black (His Amish Baby book 3)

His Amish Baby book 4

Daisy is running from her abusive boyfriend who is trying to sell her baby: is a quiet Amish village the best place to hide? Noah is a young Amish widower with a seven-year-old daughter looking to move on with his life; is a troublesome English woman the answer to his prayers?

Released October 2018

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Arden Black (His Amish Baby book 4)

Collections and Single Books


The Amish Bishop

Adam had left her for dead under the covered bridge; thinking back, she might have been better off if she hadn't begged for her life.
The Bishop is hiding a horrible secret that could expose his sins if he defends his son's sinful acts. For Eva, getting shunned for their sins could be the answer to her prayers.
Lily can't forget what she saw; the community thinks she's making things up. When she suffers a breakdown after witnessing her mother's death from what is being called a freak accident, the Bishop says he has no choice but to shun her and her father, claiming it's for the good of the community, but what Lily knows could cause her to become the murderer's next target.

Released August 2019
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Arden Black (The Amish Bishop)

4 Amish Romance Novellas:

His Amish Baby books 1-4

Released November 2019