Arden Black

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4 Amish Romance Novellas:

His Amish Baby books 1-4


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Arden Black (Amish Baby Collection)

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Maisie is special. Yes, she is blind, yes she’s an orphan and yes, few know her roots. But inside, she sparkles, more than an angel, more than those majestic stars that layer the universe in glory. Some see this sparkle while others deny its existence and insist she is nothing more than a brat, one that even her own parents didn’t want.

Maisie also has a secret. One she’d never share because if she did, she knew they’d lock her away in one of those places the others talked about - where all the weird people go.

Even Maisie doesn’t understand it all, but knows that one day she’ll meet the woman and the boy...those that she believes are part of her dreams, in a land where she can see, where colours are vibrant and the moon shines as bright as the sun.

What is the truth, and will Maisie ever find it?

(In production)

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Arden Black (Maisie)

4 Christmas Amish Novellas:

Amish Christmas Bakery

The English Groom

Amish Hearts

Puppy Love

(In production)

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Arden Black (Amish Christmas Bakery)